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Back Massage

Sensual Only understand the science behind why our bodies become stimulated though different forms of touch.

With the millions of nerve endings that sit just below the skins surface, techniques such as slow, firm stokes and close skin to skin contact are just some of the many techniques we use to promote relaxation and arousal within your body. 

From the moment we meet you, we aim to connect with you emotionally to understand what enticed you to seek a Sensual Only massage. Our aim here is to cater for your desires and for us to create your very own intimate experience.

Through many years of experience, we understand that our clients return because our exceptional ability to provide the feeling of physical closeness through our proven and highly intuitive expressive movements. 


A Sensual Only  massage experience is best suited to people who are not looking for a massage in a traditional sense, but but are seeking a very sensual, erotic experience with beautiful moments of tenderness. 

If you have any questions you need answered, CLICK HERE to read our FAQ's.

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